Remote Access-RSS

Using our reliable remote access solution and guarantee, provides your chance to put IT issues in the hands of experts — and put do-it-yourself tech support behind you.  

Our remote access solutions offers fast & economical means to service your PC’s, as problems arise, no need to cart your PC and peripherals anywhere.

Calls are handled promptly and professionally, so clients receive the help they need as quickly as possible. Support is available 6 days a week, and are assigned by appointment.

Clients utilizing our remote support solutions,  all across the U.S.A., have found our services to be excellent.  

We don’t/won’t farm out our support to other countries and/or UNKNOWN support companies… such as other companies in the IT World may   

We provide Remote support in the USA, all over

Remote Access Solutions

Our IT Remote support POWER PACKS (RSS) are designed for business owners/managers to cover multiple system/devices without breaking the bank.

Your main advantage of our RSS Power Packs is you only pay for the portion you actually use.  You are billed in 15 minute increments versus the normal one hour minimum with each connection.  Meaning if you have 2 systems that both require the same fix and each one takes only 30 minutes each, you only get debited one 60 minutes from your Power Pack purchased.

 time is counted from connection to disconnection

RSS Power Packs Pricing based on annual pre-paid rates


RSS Power Pack Rates:
(Annual pre-paid packages)
          Time                                    Amount                 Hourly  Rate

  4 Hours

$  280*


  7 Hours

$  455*


  12 Hours

$  720*


  21 Hours



*Time doesn’t expire until
1 year from date of purchase

Free Consultation

Have an issue?

Your tech support not being accurate, misleading?

Want true Computer Performance Solutions?


Advantages of a ComPerSol RSS Access Unlimited:


Starts from $19.99\mo. For (1) single system  
1 year minimum required

We can enable partners to join remote support sessions, empowering support and session attendees to collaboratively resolve issues, share knowledge, and provide much needed product support to clients.

Remote access support rates:

Affordably priced for any
business or home system

Power pack rates you
can bank upon

Satisfaction that will keep you
smiling for a very long time

Supporting both PC’s & MAC’s


    Saves critical time    

    Lessens cost/time compared to on-site visits

    Multi-computer support

    Fast “Live-Time” working.  No-Lag time with Hi-speed     broadband connections

    No geographical restrictions

    U.S.A. Based Support


 301:\498_1515    toll free 844.RSS.2561

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