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Our proactive protection will relieve your worries about

outbreaks and other malware

Protect IT ECD quick comparison

Protect IT


Security Suite

Antivirus and malware protection




Malicious website protection



3rd Party Patch management


Unlimited threat support via remote and email


Security threat review by security professionals


Ransomware/Crypto variants system file protection


True Multi-Layered Security


Assistance restoring computer in case of attack


Help with virus removal


Help with malware removal


Help with email


Help with internet connection


Professional installation


Takes the sting out of infections

Protect IT ECD goes far beyond normal antivirus software

Enterprise level multi-layered security for your home & business PC’s


Virus & Malware protection - Detect the latest malicious threats that can harm your business/home

Patch management - Reduce system vulnerabilities, chance for human error, deployment time and overhead with patch management process

Phishing & Scam site protection - Automagically blocks sites without any interference or hands on

System optimization & tuning

Web Protection - prevents users from security risks by automatically stopping access to sites known to deliver spyware, malware and other threats

Rescue Disk - Easily make an USB or CD rescue disk to scan your system outside of it’s environment for fast, efficient & safe cleaning

One click virtualization - run your programs in an isolated space preventing making permanent changes, keeping your system safe and protecting your computer from unwanted changes

Go back in time - easily go back to an earlier time of your PC; Failed MS update, BSOD’s, RANSOMWARE, or in case of system crash and more. All in a matter of seconds!

Unlimited support - Professional technicians for infections ready to assess threats, provide information on how to defend, and restore your computer, via email, phone, or remote

Professional installation - Just sit back & relax, while we do the installation

Protect IT ECD

works on the following platforms;

     Windows 7

     Windows 8

     Windows 10

     Windows Server 2003 & up

32/64 bit versions supported

Security, Protection and Up Time
like you’ve never imagined before

Protect IT ECD

Evolutionary Computer Defense

Protection that goes far beyond normal antivirus software

40% of Businesses Hit by crypto/ransomware in the last year

Information is according to report conducted by Osterman Research; released August 2016

 Protect IT℠ ECD helps keep your data safe & yours

Saving you a lot from the start

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Researchers claim Ransomware, which encrypts files, blackmails victims into paying a ransom,
is now a "tried and trusted" cybercrime model . . . “One Gaining in Popularity”

This solution is lightweight and is targeted at businesses/home users
that require an effective advanced threat prevention solution and more.

One which is easy to setup for businesses that don’t have a dedicated IT department.

Effective Multi-Engine Scanners

AV 1 + AV 2 + AV 3 + AV 4 + AV 5 + AV 6 + AV 7 = One Robust Solution

It's simply not practical to install dozens of different anti-virus programs on your computer because they'll conflict with each other and slow your system down. But even if you could it would be prohibitively expensive. We've come up with a way to provide you with several
anti-virus scanners to catch malware, in addition to the primary one. Bringing you a total of
7 multi-engine scanners --- all at a fraction of the price. And it is point-and-click easy to use. Designed to neutralize viruses, trojans, rootkits, worms, spyware and adware.

Leader in Computer Protection & Security

Its unique cloud capability scanning technology will remove all types of malware infections, viruses, trojans, worms, rootkits, bootkits, unwanted apps, browsers
and add ons, adwares and even those annoying toolbars!

Fastest, Most Scalable & Cost-Effective

Robust Security Solutions