Printer Support

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Printer Setup & Support

Need help setting up your new printer?
Our Techs can get you connected to a wireless network, adjust your print settings, show you how to print from multiple devices and more!

Services Includes:

    Connect to wi-fi network (if applicable)
    Set up a local printer
    Configure and test printer functionality
    Demonstrate proper printer functionality

Printer decide to take a vacation?

No longer able to print?

No error codes showing up for your printer?

Let our Techs have a glance at things to determine your issue, see if it may be something wrong with your printer specifically or system(s).



*Service does not include the repair of physically damaged equipment.   Additional costs can vary depending on a number of factors including, but   not limited to, brand, degree of damage, extent of wiring and cost of   additional parts required. Pricing doesn’t include any parts and/or labor for replacement of any parts.

NOTE: Requesting additional services not in the original request will result in extra charges

Printer Support Viralware Cleaning PC Optimize & TuneUp Data BackUp/Transfer Em@il Help Computer Repairs

Remote Access Support:  $ 89.99

On-Site Support:           $129.99

All pricing is per incident/per pc